March 2007 Archives - CMFR

  • The rewards and heartaches of photojournalism: Life behind the lens

    By Mike Perez FLASH REPORT! Tatlo patay…” an announcer blurts out from an AM radio. It’s 8:30 a.m. Everyone pauses. Their attention is drawn to the radio the way... Read more

  • Obituaries

    Modena, 58 ANTONIO MODENA, a diplomat and a former deskman of Malaya, died of pneumonia and heart complications on Feb. 17 in Pasig City. He was 58. Modena, who... Read more

  • Chronicle

    CMFR publishes ethics manual AS A contribution to the efforts to further professionalize journalism practice in the Philippines, the Center for Media Freedom and Responsibility (CMFR) has released an... Read more

  • Crisis: International

    US gov’t muzzles scientists TESTIMONIES from several witnesses, including former government scientists, heard at the House of Representatives’s Committee on Oversight and Government Reform on Jan. 30 described how... Read more

  • Crisis: National

    Five journalists post bail; editor spends night in police station THREE editors, including one who was arrested and spent a night in a police station, a staff writer, and... Read more

  • The life and death of a crusader: The Ghost Of Dong Batul

    By Yasmin D. Arquiza Despite his vehement denials, Puerto Princesa Mayor Edward Hagedorn is still haunted by the suspicion that he had something to do with the assassination of... Read more

  • Reporters Without Borders on the Philippine press:More Murders and a New Enemy

    Despite new arrests of murderers, the autho-rities failed to stem the wave of vio-lence against journalists. At least six were killed in 2006. And the press also found itself... Read more

  • The UN envoy on the political killings: ‘In a State of Denial’

    By Rachel E. Khan After ten days in the Philippines, Philip Alston, the United Nations (UN) special rapporteur for extrajudicial killings, found a way to describe the problem of... Read more

  • The way you sound tonight

    DRAWING AN audience entails substantial research into the demographics of the  viewing public. According to ABS-CBN’s current affairs head Luchi Cruz Valdes, the audience profile became more masa in... Read more

  • TV anchors and the news

    TV anchors and the news What you see and what you get By Junette B. Galagala They look smart.  They’re sleek. They look you in the eye when delivering... Read more