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  • The Other Journalist

    The life and (hard) times of the news photographer The Other Journalist by Luz Rimban IT IS impossible to imagine a newspaper today without pictures in this age of... Read more

  • How Media Fared in Elections ’04

    IN 2004, the Center for Media Freedom and Responsibility (CMFR) started a landmark project:  monitoring the performance of the media during the presidential elections. Included in the monitor were... Read more

  • Monitoring the coverage of the May ’07 elections: Will Media Do a Better Job This Time?

    Monitoring the coverage of the May ’07 elections Will Media Do a Better Job This Time? By Venus L. Elumbre and Hector Bryant L. Macale WITH THE elections just... Read more

  • TV Monitors

    The truth behind the pol ads Top Story reported on Feb. 8 a proposal of the Philippine Association of National Advertisers (PANA) to check the claims made by candidates... Read more

  • Online Monitors

    Looking for context The Philippine Center for Investigative Journalism (PCIJ) posted a report in its blog last Feb. 9 about the luxury cars owned by some congressmen. “If you... Read more

  • Print Monitors

    Twin stories One report with exactly the same content, written by two different writers, for two rival papers. Was it just coincidence? On March 3, The Philippine Star published... Read more

  • Speaking of Media

    On shrinking a paper “Why the downsizing? Did we have to replace, refit, or retool our behemoth printing presses? “The shift to a narrower format is actually a response... Read more

  • Editor’s Note: In front of the cameras—and behind

    IN THE film “Broadcast News,” the character of Albert Brooks strives mightily to understand why he could not be a television news anchor. His sympathetic rival—the then young and... Read more