A million candles

The candle lighting ceremony at the EDSA Shrine is a quiet memorial.

CMFR will lead the lighting of A Million Candles on November 23, 2014 (Sunday), at 6:00 p.m. at the EDSA Shrine (EDSA corner Ortigas Avenue, Quezon City).

November 23, 2014 marks five years since the Ampatuan (Maguindanao) Massacre happened. The Ampatuan Massacre is the single bloodiest attack against the press in the Philippines and in the world. Fifty-eight people, including 32 journalists and media workers, were killed. The trial for the 197 accused, including eight members of the Ampatuan family, has been ongoing for four years. Still no one has been found guilty. (http://cmfr-phil.org/endimpunityinph/)

Please gather at the Crowne Plaza Manila Galleria lobby area on the fourth (4th) floor at 5:30 p.m. The CMFR staff will guide you to the assigned area at the EDSA Shrine.

In deference to the church leaders, who gave us permission to use the site, CMFR asks participants to strictly observe their rules as follows:

  • As there will be a regularly scheduled mass at the EDSA Shrine at 6 p.m., observe silence around the area. Please do not go up to the second level as any noise there, even people chatting, will be heard in the Church.
  • The assembly is at the ground level of the EDSA Shrine. Please do not step on the plaque on the sidewalk, which is blessed.
  • CMFR will give each participant a candle.
  • CMFR will feature a digital “wall” with images of the 32 journalists and media workers in the Philippines who perished in the attack. Their images are programmed to fade, but every time a tweet is sent using the hashtag #AmpatuanMassacre, the tweet will appear on the wall and the image will momentarily brighten. We encourage people to send tweets of support that they will see appear on the wall within seconds. A simulation of the wall is projected on one of the electronic billboards overlooking the EDSA Shrine. (Tweet for Justice).
  • We will light candles as the digital “wall” begins.
  • Once all the candles are lit, we ask everyone to stay for a few moments to remember those who were slain.
  • There will be no programs or speeches. Please observe silence as you depart.
  • There will be garbage bags on hand for the candles and cups.

We appreciate your support and help for the end impunity campaign. Thank you for your cooperation.