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  • Interview Ethics 101

    THE INTERVIEW is both a method journalists use to elicit information and/or opinion, as well as a journalistic form in itself. Some individuals are interviewed because they’re in the... Read more

  • Into the breach

    Leyte and Tacloban are the most devastated among the provinces and cities in the path of "Yolanda" (international name “Haiyan”) and its 300+ kilometer-per-hour winds. Unlike such other provinces... Read more

  • Plagiarism: No ‘Ifs,’ ‘Ands,’ or ‘Buts’

    PLAGIARISM IS theft. Both as a form of dishonesty and for its consequences, the practice of copying someone else’s ideas and written work and passing them off as one’s... Read more

  • It’s not rocket science

    Journalism ethics is neither nuclear physics nor brain surgery. Ethical compliance is not as complex or as difficult as suggested by the practice of some journalists who, among other... Read more

  • Media’s indeterminate power

    ECHOING THE late "Muppets" creator Jim Henson, a Manila TV network invites viewers to watch the Filipino movies it regularly airs by saying that life’s like a movie. Unfortunately it... Read more

  • Media doing harm

    Among the fundamental responsibilities of journalists is that of minimizing harm. As an ethical principle it applies to the entire range of issues and subjects journalists are called upon... Read more

  • Human rights, press freedom, and the FOI bill

    THE FREEDOM of Information bill filed by the Right to Know. Right Now! (R2KRN) Coalition is likely to pass the Senate, if experience during the 14th and 15th Congress... Read more

  • Messages

    Janet Lim-Napoles’ surrendering to no official lower than the President of the Philippines; Mr. Aquino’s being part of the convoy that brought her to the headquarters of the Philippine... Read more

  • CSR and the media

    Although the Philippines is a particularly disaster-prone country year 'round, both because of its geographical location (it sits on the Pacific "Ring of Fire" and is directly in the... Read more

  • Napoles loses it

    JANET LIM Napoles asked for it, and she got it: a meeting with (Philippine Daily) Inquirer columnists, editors, and reporters. The latter agreed, thereby giving Napoles the rare opportunity... Read more