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  • Accuracy, accuracy, accuracy

    THERE ARE errors of malice and errors of incompetence in the practice of journalism. A reporter may deliberately distort a story to manipulate readers, viewers or listeners into interpreting... Read more

  • Education for democracy

    SOME 500,000 Filipinos (most of them women, incidentally), graduated from college between March and April this year. They will compete for the limited number of jobs available in a... Read more

  • Alternatives

    SINCE 1986, conventional wisdom in the Philippines has paid tribute to the role of the “alternative press” in the overthrow of the Marcos regime that year. Read more

  • The best of all worlds

    A RECENTLY released collection of essays by political science professors Felipe B. Miranda and Malaya C. Ronas of the University of the Philippines, Temario C. Rivera of... Read more

  • The human thing

    AMONG OTHER collateral consequences, the Corona impeachment trial has revived attempts, in the past usually from government agencies, to summon journalists who have been reporting on public events to... Read more

  • Hyphenated

    THERE IS no hyphen in “Filipino American.” It’s not solely a matter of punctuation but also of ideology. The majority-sanctioned assumption in the United States (US) is that everyone... Read more

  • Making up the rules

    ONE OF the least enlightening and least knowledgeable of the comments the Philippine Daily Inquirer’s publication last March 13 of the photographs of Corona trial defense witness Demetrio... Read more

  • Notes on the education of journalists (UPDATED)

    JOURNALISM COURSES had been taught in University of the Philippines (UP) and other schools, among them the University of Santo Tomas (UST), since after the Second World War. In... Read more

  • More of the same?

    BURMA, THE bad boy of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations, is supposedly easing restrictions on, among others, the press and the political opposition, and the... Read more

  • Decriminalizing libel Towards true self-regulation

    THE CONVICTION for libel in 2007 of Davao broadcaster Alexander Adonis, for which he was sentenced to a prison term of two years to four years and six months,... Read more