VERA Files misinformation tip line

Photo from VERA Files’ Twitter account.

VERA Files launched VERA the truthbot in the first ever public misinformation tip line on Viber in Asia Pacific.

Powered by technology from Meedan, VERA, the truth bot, guides users through the tip line. It automates the chat interaction on the VERA Files Misinformation Tip Line where you can send photos, videos, links or tips for our team to fact check or verify. It can also help users find posts fact-cheked by VERA Files and teach them how to fact-check through tutorials. 

Viber users can find the truthbot by typing ‘VERA, the truthbot’ on the search bar. 

The tips sent in through misinformation tip line will be vetted by the VERA Files Fact Check team.

VERA Files has a three-point criteria to determine whether a post or remark is eligible for fact checking. 

  • Is it a statement of fact, and not an opinion?
  • Can it be fact-checked using readily available resources such as government records, journal articles, expert interviews, and the like?
  • Is it relevant, and does it have a bearing on the public?

For online misinformation and disinformation, VERA Files also considers its virality, such as whether it has reached a wide range of people or it has been published by several accounts or pages on social media. They do this to avoid amplifying the piece of mis- or disinformation.

After VERA Files fact checks tips that are eligible for verification, they send a copy of the article to the those who requested the fact check.

VERA Files indicates in their stories that these fact checks are “reader-requested.” Nevertheless, they take necessary measures to protect safety, security and sensitive information. They never name in their stories the individuals who send them fact check requests.