A chilling sensation across the profession

The petition signing calling for the decriminalization of libel and lambasting presidential spouse Jose Miguel “Mike” Arroyo’s libel spree against journalists continues, according to the National Union of Journalists of the Philippines.

The Center for Media Freedom and Responsibility (CMFR) is a signatory to the statement. With the outrageous number of journalists sued for libel “in the same season by no less than the president’s conjugal partner in power,” CMFR board chair Vergel Santos said, “and given the president’s own disregard for public accountability, as evidenced by her constant stonewalling, and contemptuous treatment of the critical media, Mike Arroyo’s suits can only be intended to harass and intimidate, to send a chilling sensation across the profession.”

Petition signing continues — NUJP

“Signatories to the statement calling for decriminalization of libel and an end to the libel filing spree of presidential spouse Jose Miguel “Mike” Arroyo against journalists have reached over 600 as of today October 14.

“Among the latest signatories to the statement are media stalwarts Philippine Daily Inquirer editor Letty Jimenez-Magsanoc, BusinessMirror editor Lourdes Molina-Fernandez, columnist Conrado de Quiros, ABC 5 news department head Ed Lingao and Newsbreak editors Glenda Gloria and Maritess Vitug.

“It is also not just journalists in Metro Manila who have signed but reporters, editors and broadcasters from various provinces, including a good number of Mindanao journalists like Carolyn Arguillas and Dodong Solis of Davao, and Visayas journalists such as Edralyn Benedicto of Cebu.

“Jose Torres, chairperson of the National Union of Journalists of the Philippines (NUJP), said NUJP will bring the petition later to Malacañang and ask the president to certify as urgent a bill decriminalizing libel, and to the Senate and House of Representatives to urge lawmakers to file the necessary bill.

“Torres said NUJP plans to publish a primer on defamation to help journalists avoid libel suits and educate the public on the current libel law’s impact on press freedom.

“The NUJP drafted the statement and spearheaded the signature campaign after a roundtable discussion where participants criticized the impact of criminal libel law on press freedom, and after research showed 43 journalists are currently facing libel suits filed by Arroyo. This is the highest number of journalists ever sued for libel by a public figure.”

For those who haven’t read it, here is the petition and the list of signatories below:

A wanton disregard for press freedom

The law on libel exists to protect private citizens from unwarranted damage to reputation, but in the Philippines libel has been predominantly used by public officials as a tool to cow an independent press.

The most glaring example is the multiple libel cases filed by First Gentleman Jose Miguel Arroyo against 43 reporters, columnists, editors, publishers, and even a subscription manager, of various publications.

We will not dispute the merits of the cases nor Mr. Arroyo’s right to defend his honor and dignity, as he and his lawyers insist.

What we decry is his propensity to sue journalists so as to muzzle those he does not agree with and sending out a clear signal to others that they risk the same ordeal should they dare cross him.

Mr. Arroyo is, after all, no ordinary mortal. As Presidential husband, he clearly enjoys immense power and influence, not just by his status but also because he does head the Office of the First Gentleman. And many, if not most, of his deeds and pronouncements dwell in the realm of public interest.

He is, therefore, both a public figure and public official.

That he is aware of this status and has no qualms of wielding it against his perceived enemies is evident in the fact that, when he filed his latest suit against the Tulfo brothers, he gave his address as Malacañang Palace, as if to stress who he is.

The record number of cases Mr. Arroyo has filed highlight how the powerful in this benighted land regularly abuse libel laws to curtail the democratic right of the press to delve into the truth behind matters of public interest and the people’s right to know.

It is also the best argument for decriminalizing an outdated law that has been used not so much to protect the innocent as to shield the guilty.

We demand that Congress immediately work to repeal the law on libel, to strike it off the book of criminal statutes, as part of its sworn duty to strengthen our badly eroded and still beleaguered democracy.

We demand that Jose Miguel Arroyo cease and desist from this clear abuse of his power and influence and squarely face the issues raised against him where they are properly addressed, in the arena of free and democratic discourse.

We pledge that neither this nor any other attempts by those in power to trample on the freedom of the press and the people’s right to know shall go unchallenged.

We commit ourselves to the continued struggle to realize the true blooming of democracy in our land, when freedom of expression shall be enshrined not just in our aspirations but in practice.

Signed by:
(as of Oct. 11, 2006)

Philippine Media Organizations
1. National Union of Journalists of the Philippines (NUJP)
2. Center for Media Freedom and Responsibility (CMFR)
3. Bandillo ng Palawan
4. Sorsogon Organization of News writers, Announcers and Reporters (SONAR)
5. Manila Chinese Press Club (MCPC)
6. Negros Weekly
7. Negros Daily Bulletin
8. Cobra-Ans
9. Alyansa ng mga Filipinong Mamamahayag (AFIMA)
10. Association of Responsible Media (ARM)
11. Northern Media and Information Network (NMIN)
12. Mindanao Examiner
13. Media Advocates for Reproductive Health and Empowerment (MAHRE)
14. OFW Journalism Consortium Inc.
15. Sunday Punch
16. College Editors Guild of the Philippines (CEGP)
17. Palawan Community Media Council
18. Penn Mindanao Foundation
19. Periodico News Network
20. Periodico Caraga
21. Periodico Diwalwal
22. Periodico Banat
23. Periodico Ini
24. Periodico Norte
25. Periodico Kotawatu
26. Periodico Oriental
27. Philippine Collegian (UP’s official student publication)
28. Solidaridad (UP system-wide alliance of student publications and writers’ organizations)
29. KBP Bukidnon chapter
30. Liga Journalista – Negros
31. Kodao Productions

International Organizations
1. International Federation of Journalists
2. Media, Entertainment and Arts Alliance
3. Indian Media Centre (India)
4. Reporters Without Borders
5. Committee to Protect Journalists
6. Southeast Asian Press Alliance
7. Hong Kong Journalists Association
8. National Union of Journalists (India)
9. Federation of Media Employees’ Trade Unions
10. Pakistan Press Foundation (PPF)

1. Jose Torres Jr. (Chairperson, NUJP)
2. Rowena Paraan (Secretary-General, NUJP)
3. Nonoy Espina (Deputy Secretary-General, NUJP/inq7.net)
4. Inday Espina-Varona (Director, NUJP/Philippine G
raphic Magazine)
5. Sonny E. Fernandez (Vice Chairperson, NUJP/ABC 5)
6. Elmer James Bandol (NUJP-Albay)
7. Leti Boniol (Philippine Daily Inquirer)
8. Ruben Alabastro (Inquirer)
9. Julie Aurelio (Inquirer)
10. Elvira Mata (Inquirer)
11. Adelle Geraldo (Inquirer)
12. Lorna Kalaw-Tirol (Inquirer)
13. Juan Sarmiento Jr. (Inquirer)
14. Chito de la Vega (Inquirer)
15. Stephanie Asuncion (Inquirer)
16. Jun Bandayrel (Inquirer)
17. Tina Arceo-Dumlao (Inquirer)
18. Margie Espino (Inquirer)
19. Corrie Salientes-Narisma (Inquirer)
20. Monica Feria (Inquirer)
21. Vangie Baga-Reyes (Inquirer)
22. Mylene Francisco (Inquirer)
23. Miguel Suarez (Inquirer)
24. Ted Melendres (Inquirer)
25. Jun Cinco (Inquirer)
26. A. Noel Velasco (Inquirer)
27. Abelardo Ulanday (Inquirer)
28. Rosario Garcellano (Inquirer)
29. Artemio Engracia Jr. (Inquirer)
30. Jose Ma. Nolasco (Inquirer)
31. John B. Bayarong (NUJP-Olongapo/Subic)
32. Romy Elusfa (Business Mirror)
33. Joyce Pañares (Manila Standard Today)
34. Marlon Ramos (Director, NUJP/Inquirer Southern Luzon Bureau-Laguna)
35. Carla P. Gomez (Visayan Daily Star, Bacolod City)
36. Arman Toga, editor (Negros Daily Bulletin)
37. Ire Jo V.C. Laurente (DWOM-FM, Mindoro)
38. Julie S. Alipala, (Inquirer Mindanao Bureau-Zamboanga City)
39. David Santos (ABS-CBN Zamboanga City )
40. Vicente Jaime Villafranca (Philippine Graphic magazine)
41. Ramon Acasio (Philippine Graphic magazine)
42. Lynette Ordoñez-Luna (Independent)
43. Rollie Espina, Philippine Star and Negros Press Club
44. Ma. Ester Espina (Media Advocates for Reproductive Health and Empowerment)
45. Delfin Perez (Manila Bulletin)
46. Gerry Albert Corpuz (Bulatlat.com)
47. Jofelle Tesorio (Bandillo ng Palawan/Inquirer Southern Luzon Bureau/NUJP)
48. Ansbert B. Joaquin (Director, NUJP)
49. Tony Bergonia (Inquirer)
50. Raul Marcelo (Inquirer)
51. Eric Olona (Inquirer)
52. Linda Bolido (Inquirer)
53. Chelo B. Formoso (Inquirer)
54. Fernando del Mundo (Inquirer)
55. Cenon Bibe Jr. (Inquirer)
56. Sandra Sendoyro (Inquirer)
57. Romina Austria (Inquirer)
58. Princess Daily Omilga (Inquirer)
59. Ernie Sarmiento (Inquirer)
60. Keith Bacongco (Business Mirror)
61. Jun Verzola (Northern Dispatch Weekly)
62. Delfin T. Mallari Jr. (Inquirer Southern Luzon-Quezon)
63. Dodong Solis (Radio Mindanao Networks-Davao)
64. Alexander Martin Remollino (Bulatlat Online Magazine, NUJP)
65. Dennis Maliwanag (inq7.net)
66. Ces Rodriguez (One Philippines)
67. Raffy Jimenez (Manila)
68. Ilang-Ilang Quijano (Pinoy Weekly/NUJP)
69. Noel Sales Barcelona (Pinoy Weekly/NUJP)
70. Soliman A. Santos (Pinoy Weekly, NUJP)
71. Kenneth Roland A. Guda (Pinoy Weekly/NUJP)
72. D’Jay Lazaro (Pinoy Weekly managing editor, NUJP/NCPM Executive Director)
73. Rogelio L. Ordoñez (Pinoy Weekly EIC, NUJP/NPC)
74. Bayani Abadilla (Pinoy Weekly, News Editor/NUJP/NPC)
75. Roel Pareno (Philippine Star)
76. Frencie Carreon (Zamboanga Today)
77. Carol “Rollie” Montilla (Eastern Times, Malaya, KMC Magazine)
78. Carmelito Q. Francisco (BusinessWorld-Mindanao/Mindanao Times)
79. Veronica Uy (inq7.net)
80. Thea Alberto (inq7.net)
81. Noel Godinez (Nothern Dispatch Weekly)
82. Rudy D. Liporada (Editor, Kapitbahay, San Diego, California)
83. Lito Banayo (Columnist, Malaya and Abante)
84. Aquiles Z. Zonio (Inquirer Mindanao Bureau/NUJP-General Santos City)
85. Edith Regalado
86. Iris Cecilia Gonzales (BusinessWorld)
87. Ma. Ceres P. Doyo (Inquirer)
88. Bobby Tuazon (Bulatlat.com)
89. Grace Albasin (Director, NUJP/Inquirer Mindanao Bureau)
90. Danilo A. Arao (Bulatlat.com)
91. Merpu P. Roa (Filipino Express/MindaNews)
92. Ermin Garcia Jr. (Sunday Punch)
93. Susan Palmes (NUJP-Cagayan de Oro)
94. Rommel G. Rebolido (Director, NUJP)
95. Artemio A. Dumlao (Director, NUJP/Philippine Star)
96. Raymond Panaligan (freelance photographer)
97. Ellen Tordesillas (Malaya)
98. Hadrian Hernandez (Gulf News, UAE)
99. Carlos Isagani T. Zarate (Columnist, Kris-Crossing Mindanao, Inquirer)
100. Edwin C. Mercurio (Philippine Press Club-Ontario, Canada)
101. Ninotchka Rosca (Novelist/journalist)
102. Michael Sarcauga (NUJP-Pagadian)
103. Ma. Diosa Labiste (Director, NUJP/community journalist)
104. Nestor Burgos Jr. (Director, NUJP/Inquirer Visayas Bureau)
105. Michael L. Ubac (Inquirer)
106. Ronnel Domingo (Inquirer)
107. Tarra Quismundo (Inquirer)
108. Philip Cesar Tubeza (Inquirer)
109. Marinel R. Cruz (Inquirer)
110. Kathryn L. Reyes (Inquirer)
111. Pamela Samia (Inquirer)
112. Robert Jaworski Abaño (Inquirer Northern Luzon Bureau)
113. Vincent Cabreza (Inquirer Northern Luzon Bureau)
114. Desiree Caluza (Inquirer Northern Luzon Bureau)
115. Jonathan Cellona (photojournalist, BusinessWorld)
116. Voltaire F. Domingo
117. Paul M. Gutierrez (Journal Group)
118. Gerry Kaimo
119. Gene de Loyola
120. Joel Salud (freelance writer)
121. Edralyn Benedicto (Inquirer Visayas Bureau)
122. Cheryll Fiel (Davao Today/NUJP)
123. Grace Uddin (Davao Today/NUJP)
124. Pam Pastor (Inquirer)
125. Psyche Mendoza
126. Gil Nartea (Philippine Center for Photojournalism)
127. Butch Hilario (freelance journalist)
128. Armando Malay Jr.
129. Ares P. Gutierrez (Al Nisr Media-Dubai/Gulf News)
130. Carlos H. Conde
131. Alexander T. Magno (Manila)
132. Ricky Carandang (ANC)
133. Allan M. Mediante (Mindanao Trustee, Philippine Press Institute/Mindanao Gold Star Daily)
134. Jun Galias (NUJP-Sorsogon)
135. Manny Lucila (SONAR)
136. Bobby Q. Labalan (Director, NUJP/Inquirer Southern Luzon Bureau/NUJP)
137. Jose F. Lacaba
138. Jun Godoy (NUJP-Ozamiz City)
139. Aubrey SC Makilan (Bulatlat.com/Silangan Shimbun)
140. Tony Abejo (Malindang Tribune/ NUJP-Misamis Occidental)
141. Florfina Marcelino (The Philippine Times, Winnepeg, Canada)
142. Erwin Oliva (inq7.net/cyberbaguioboy.com.ph)
143. Armin Adina (Inquirer Libre)
144. Ritchie Sabado (Inquirer Libre)
145. Bayani San Diego (Inquirer)
146. Cora Lucas (Inquirer)
147. Heraldo “Boy” Cabrido (Inquirer)
148. Raffy Lerma (Inquirer)
149. Grace Pagulayan (Inquirer)
150. Dennis Eroa (Inquirer Libre)
151. Rommel Lalata (Inquirer Libre)
152. John Nery (Inquirer)
153. Ariel Dim. Borlongan (Balita)
154. Rorie Fajardo (Manila)
155. Darwin Wee (BusinessWorld)
156. Leila Vicente (ABS-CBN Zamboanga)
157. Raul Valino (Philippine Graphic at Business Mirror)
158. Sonia M. Capio (Womantouch Media)
159. Allen V. Estabillo (MindaNews)
160. Al Alegre (Foundation for Media Alternatives)
161. Vi Massart (Chief European correspondent, The Philippine Star)
162. Jon Joaquin (Mindanao Daily Mirror)
163. Martin Marfil (Manila)
164. Val Veneracion (Manila)
165. Clarissa Militante (Manila)
166. Jes Aznar (Manila)
167. Vic Montero (Editorial Chief, ABC 5)
168. Jackie Sierda (Executive Producer, The Big News, ABC 5)
169. Jove Francisco (Reporter, ABC 5)
170. Sherrie Ann Torres (Reporter, ABC 5)
171. Naomi Dayrit (Reporter, ABC 5)
172. Ge-Ann Pineda (Reporter, ABC 5)
173. Jason Torres (Reporter, ABC 5)
174. Michae
l Carreon (News writer, ABC 5)
175. Eric Montas (Senior Desk Officer, News, ABC 5)
176. Mel Cabigting (Desk Officer, ABC 5)
177. Rowena Garcia (Desk Officer, ABC 5)
178. Paul Mendinuteo (Desk Officer, ABC 5)
179. Mary Grace Navarro (News Desk, ABC 5)
180. Greggy Eugenio (Video Researcher, News, ABC 5)
181. Gigi Gabriel (News Traffic, ABC 5)
182. Rhoneil Amores (Chief Cameraman, ABC 5)
183. Joseph Martin (Graphics Artist, ABC 5)
184. Reggie Agullo (Chargen Operator, ABC 5)
185. Arnold Marquez (Supervisor, VTR Editing)
186. Arnold Macarasig (Playback Operator, News, ABC 5)
187. Norman Balcos (Video Researcher, News, ABC 5)
188. Ambet Quitil (VTR Editor, News, ABC 5)
189. Heinrich Agcaoili (VTR Editor, News, ABC 5)
190. Yancy Consul (VTR Editor, ABC 5)
191. Jim Libiran (Head, Public Affairs Department, ABC 5)
192. Ed Lingao (Head, News Department, ABC 5)
193. Deo Bugaoisan (GMA 7)
194. Lourdes Fernandez (Editor, Business Mirror)
195. Lyn Resurreccion (Business Mirror)
196. Dave Llorito (Business Mirror)
197. Fe Zamora (Inquirer)
198. Butch Galicia (Manila Media Monitor-Toronto/Philippine Press Club-Ontario)
199. Tenny Soriano (Balita-Toronto/Philippine Press Club-Ontario)
200. Mogi Mogado (Balita-Toronto/Philippine Press Club-Ontario)
201. Hermie Garcia (Philippine Reporter-Toronto/Philippine Press Club-Ontario)
202. Mila Astorga-Garcia (Philippine Reporter-Toronto/Philippine Press Club-Ontario)
203. Edwin Mercurio (Philippine Reporter-Toronto/Philippine Press Club-Ontario)
204. Ramon Datol (Philippine Courier-Toronto/Philippine Press Club-Ontario)
205. Paul Dela Cruz (Philippine Times Canada-Toronto/Philippine Press Club-Ontario)
206. Jess Cabrias (Atin Ito-Toronto/Philippine Press Club-Ontario)
207. Arnel Avila (NUJP-Quezon)
208. Ely Suyom (Manila Times)
209. Abner Bolos (Gitnang Luzon News Service)
210. Fred Villareal (Gitnang Luzon News Service)
211. Jay Torres (Pokus-Gitnang Luson)
212. Tonette Orejas (Inquirer Northern Luzon Bureau)
213. Romer S. Sarmiento (Businessworld Mindanao Bureau)
214. Carolyn O. Arguillas (Mindanews)
215. H. Marcos C. Mordeno (Mindanews)
216. Carmela Fonbuena (Newsbreak)
217. Glenda M. Gloria (Newsbreak)
218. Jose Pavia (Mabuhay/Executive Director, Philippine Press Institute)
219. Ruperto Toga (Publisher, Negros Daily Bulletin)
220. Elsie Jolingan (Negros Press Club)
221. Aufred Sa-onoy (Editor, Negros Newsweekly)
222. Modesto Sa-onoy (Negros Press Club)
223. Henry Cestina (Negros Press Club)
224. Jeffrey Gelangre (Negros Press Club)
225. Edmund Aspero (Congress of Active Media Practitioners)
226. Ferdinand Yngson (Congress of Active Media Practitioners)
227. Vicente S. Labro (Editor, Leyte-Samar Daily Express, Tacloban City)
228. Allan Nawal (Inquirer)
229. Nova Clotario-Concepcion
230. Red Batario (Executive Director, Center for Community Journalism and Development)
231. Harley Palangchao (Manila Times Northern Luzon Bureau)
232. Jim Cristobal (Voice of Talamban, Cebu)
233. Arlyn dela Cruz (Net 25)
234. Amalia Cabusao (Mindanao Times)
235. Melvin Gascon (Inquirer Cagayan Valley)
236. Lyn Ramo (Northern Dispatch Weekly)
237. Hazel Villa (Inquirer Visayas Bureau)
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239. Peterson Bergado (NUJP Cagayan de Oro)
240. Charlie Senase (Inquirer Cotabato City)
241. Malu Manar (Program Director, DXND Kidapawan)
242. Noel Punzalan (PNA Cotabato)
243. Andy Cruz (Periodico Banat GenSan)
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270. Ely de los Santos (Congress of Active Media Practitioners)
271. Fred Sapa (Congress of Active Media Practitioners)
272. Fred Salanga (Congress of Active Media Practitioners)
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281. Susan Bernas (Philippine Graphic)
282. Louie Jon Sanchez (Philippine Graphic)
283. Malou Francisco (Philippine Graphic)
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303. Cyril L. Bonabente (Inquirer)
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315. Roy Luarca (Inquirer)
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317. Pennie de la Cruz (Sunday Inquirer Magazine)
318. Marites Danguilan Vitug (Newsbreak)< br />319. Cheri Mercado (News Anchor, The Big News, ABC 5)
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344. Peter Zaldivar (HOT FM 106.9-Hamtic, Antique)
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382. Leila Vicente (ABS-CBN Zamboanga City)
383. Darwin Wee (BusinessWorld)
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From Abroad
1. Christopher Warren (Chairperson, International Federation of Journalists)
2. Aidan White (General Secretary, IFJ)
3. Jacqueline Park (IFJ)
4. Emma Walters (IFJ)
5. Pi James (IFJ)
6. Laxmi Murthy (IFJ)
7. Mike Dobbie (IFJ)
8. Roby Alampay (Executive Director, Southeast Asian Press Alliance)
9. Ashok Malik (Chandigarh Journalists Association, India)
10. Sonia Randhawa (Centre for Independent Journalism, Malaysia)
11. H.Naranjargal (Globe International)
12. D.Munkhburen (Globe International)
13. G.Narangarav (Globe International)
14. T. Davaahuu (Globe International)
15. D.Enkhtuul (Globe International)
16. J.Enkhjargal(Globe International)
17. Ch.Munkhzul (NTV)
18. B.Galaarid (individual)
19. Byanbajal (Confederation of Mongolian Journalists)
20. Sarangerel (CMJ)
21. Gerard Noonan (The Sydney Morning Herald, Australia)
22. Jim NOlan (Barrister, Australia)
23. Alan Kennedy (President, Media Alliance, Australia)
24. Ruth Polland (President, Media Alliance NSW Branch, Australia)
25. Wesley Chua (Ming Pao Daily, Toronto, Canada)
26. Yuko Takei (freelance journalist, Tokyo)
27. Jojo Pasion Malig (Committee of Concerned Journalists, Washington D.C./Newslink Services Phils.)
28. Yoshi Okuda (freelance journalist/former president of Japan Broadcasting Labor Union)
29. Ati Nurbaiti (The Jakarta Post / Alliance of Independent Journalists)
30. Darma Lubis (freelance journalist, Medan City, North Sumatra)
31. Brent Edwards (Chairman, The Print and & Media Council of the NZ Eng., Printing and Mfg. Union)
32. Dr. N.K.Trikha (President, National Union of Journalists or NUJI)
33. P. Chaudhuri (Secretary General, NUJI)
34. Heru Hendratmoko (President, Alliance of Independent Journalists, Indonesia)
35. Abdul Manan (General Secretary, the Alliance of Independent Journalists, Indonesia)
36. Khairuzzaman Kamal (Editor, Human Rights News of Bangladesh)
37. Dharmasiri Lankapeli (Federation of Media Employee’s Trade Unions)
38. Daniel Coronell (Semana Magazine, Colombia)
39. Serenade Lai Wan Woo (President, Hong Kong Journalists Association)
40. Tien Hsi Ju (President, Association of Taiwan Journalists)
41. Liu Kuei Lan (Secretary General, Association of Taiwan Journalists)
42. Carol Chou (Journalist, Liberty Times, Ta
43. Esong Chiu (Editor, Weekly Department, Taiwan)
44. Ho Jung Shin (Senior journalist, China Times,Taiwan)
45. Maria Hartiningsih (Kompas, Jakarta, Indonesia)
46. Vanitha Nadaraj (The Star, Kuala Lumpur – Malaysia)
47. Prakash Adhikari (General Secretary, National Union of Journalists -NUJ, Nepal)
48. Yuko Takei (freelance journalist, Tokyo)

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