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  • Ending impunity is a state responsibility

    "BIZARRE" WAS how an American journalist, who’s in the Philippines to write an article on the killing of journalists, described what he’s finding out Read more

  • No illusions

    No one should be under the illusion that every journalist killed for what he or she reported or commented on was fighting for freedom, for principle, for public interest,... Read more

  • Lives’ labors lost (Updated)

    The claim that the loss of media credibility is worse than the killing of journalists is an exaggeration. There is no problem as bad as, and certainly no problem... Read more

  • The press in Philippine society

    The protection the Constitution extends to press freedom is premised on the assumption that the press has a social duty to discharge to merit that protection. Indeed the Constitution... Read more

  • CMFR STATEMENT: Philippine Day of Mourning

    WORLD PRESS Freedom Day has for many years been an occasion for mourning rather than celebration in the Philippines, where, since 1986, 140 journalists and media workers have been... Read more

  • The High Court on the Ampatuan Case

    The Supreme Court (SC) issued a resolution last December 10 providing guidelines that are clearly designed to hasten the conduct of the trial of the accused for the massacre... Read more

  • Murder as perennial as grass

    UNLESS THE Aquino administration rouses the Philippine National Police from its lethargy and forces it to find and investigate the killers of journalists; unless it lights a fire under... Read more

  • Court of Appeals affirms dismissal of murder charge against former governor

    CMFR/Philippines – The Court of Appeals has affirmed its earlier decision dismissing the murder case against former Palawan Governor Joel Reyes, the alleged mastermind in the killing of broadcaster... Read more

  • Messages

    Janet Lim-Napoles’ surrendering to no official lower than the President of the Philippines; Mr. Aquino’s being part of the convoy that brought her to the headquarters of the Philippine... Read more

  • Politicians and journalists

    THIS YEAR marks the 20th year since the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) declared May 3 World Press Freedom Day. May 3 continues to resonate with... Read more