R2KRN STATEMENT: Committee Chair, Authors and Champions Ready for Second ReadingWill the House Leadership Give Time for FOI?

Congress Action on FOI Tracker # 4 (Visit http://i-foi.org)
May 28, 2015

TODAY, WE give way to the statement below by House Committee on Public Information Chairperson Rep. Jorge Almonte and the House FOI champions and authors. They released the statement yesterday during their briefing for the press at the House of Representatives.

The Chair and the authors expressed their readiness for Second Reading. The ball is now in the hands of Speaker Belmonte and Majority Leader Neptali Gonzales II, to give time for the sponsorship of FOI and to start the period of interpellation in plenary.

The FOI Tracker rating remains at 75, at the threshold of the Green Zone. Its movement will depend on the action of the House leadership in the coming two weeks before adjournment sine die.

Read the press statement here: “Committee report on FOI filed; Committee chair, authors and champions ready for second reading