Dumaguete broadcaster gets death threat

CMFR/PHILIPPINES – Two days after a radio broadcaster was killed in Dumaguete City, Negros Oriental, a journalist in the same city received a death threat on 7 May 2020. Dumaguete City is 639.71 km south of Manila.

The National Union of Journalists of the Philippines reported that Roy August Bustillo, anchor and reporter of dyGB Power 91 FM and stringer for CNN Philippines, received a text message from an unknown sender, which said “Bos zero ning roybuz (Bustillo’s nickname) kuha n tanan sched ug lihuk nya, pwede n ni krun o sunud semana.” (Boss, I’ve zeroed in on roybuz and have all his schedules and movements. We can do this now or next week.)

Bustillo believes the sender deliberately sent him the message, as the same number briefly rang up his phone before texting. He told NUJP he has reported the incident to the police.

Asked who could be behind the threat, Bustillo told NUJP he had no idea. However, he said he would receive angry messages on social media whenever he posts news, especially about arrests connected with the “drug war. “

Bustillo also told CMFR that his radio program and segment focus on developmental issues and are not hard-hitting. He added that the threat was likely meant to further scare journalists following the murder of Cornelio Pepino of dyMD Energy FM 93.7 on 5 May 2020.

Pepino is the third journalist to be killed in Dumaguete City since 2018. Edmud Sestoso, killed on 30 April 2018, was also from dyGB Power 91 FM. Dindo Generoso, a blocktimer of dyEM 96.7 Bai Radio FM was killed on 7 November 2019.