Disbarred lawyer threatens editor in Iloilo City

CMFR/PHILIPPINES – A former Iloilo City councilor and disbarred lawyer threatened to “beat up” an editor over a news post about the former’s disbarment. Iloilo City is 655 kilometers south of Manila.

Plaridel Nava sent a Facebook message to Daily Guardian editor Francis Allan Angelo threatening to beat him when he sees him. In the screenshot shared by the Guardian on its Facebook page, Nava also called the editor “gago (stupid)” and “wala sa lugar (out of line).”

Nava was apparently reacting to a breaking news item posted in the Guardian’s Facebook page on September 14 about the Supreme Court’s order to disbar him for “conflict of interest” and “gross immorality.” The disbarment, according to the report, was demanded by one of Nava’s former clients who accused him of having an affair with his wife and “father(ing) a child with her.”

Nava also said in another message that the report’s naming all parties involved may embarrass the child in school.   In a Facebook post, Nava said that the newspaper did not get his side before publishing the report, although the Guardian clearly tagged it as a “developing story.” 

Published on September 15, the news carried the former lawyers’ side. The news also clarified that the SC’s order to disbar Nava was dated 7 January 2020 but was only made available in August.