DZRH spotlights controversial candidate

JEERS TO dzRH for the publicity it gave Rose Nono Lin’s campaign activities while failing to discuss her involvement in the Pharmally scandal.

Lin is a stockholder and executive of Pharmally Biologicals, a  sister company of  Pharmally Pharmaceuticals Corporation. Pharmally has been the subject of congressional hearings since 2021 for  bagging multi-billion contracts for COVID-19 supplies with government despite its alleged lack of experience and funds, and for having dubious credentials. Rose Nono Lin is married to Lin Weixiong, the financial officer of the pharmaceutical firm. She is currently running for office for Represenative of Quezon City’s fifth district.

From early December of last year up to the present, dzRH has been airing at least one social media graphic or short video on Lin and her campaign  almost daily. Around a minute and a half of its live newscasts are used for updates on her political platforms and activities, most of them focusing on health issues.

The radio station’s coverage of Lin’s campaign activities does not mention much less discuss her connections with Pharmally. It has not recalled her  being summoned as witness in the Senate investigation of the company and that she remains an important figure in the probe which will resume sometime this month. Neither have the reports examined her qualifications as a candidate.

Netizens have taken notice, citing the  coverage given Lin and accusing the station of  providing her paid publicity. One commented in a December 28 post: “hoy dzRH news wala bang bago? mgkano ba binayad sa inyo ni Rose Lin at pinapabango nyo masyado kso sorry hindi nmm effective lol!!” In another post from December 22, a user called out the station, saying: “dzRH mahiya naman kayo. Isinusulong nyo ang kandidatora ng isang questionable ang pagkatao.

Mong Palatino and Terry Ridon, both former representatives of Kabataan Party-list, called attention to the issue and tagged CMFR on Twitter. This jeer is based on CMFR’s monitors of dzRH coverage from  December 6, 2021 to January 12, 2022.