Raising awareness

CHEERS TO GMA News & Research and GMA Special Assignments Team for raising awareness on safe water and basic sanitation as a human right.

In time for  World Water Day last March 22, the special report discussed the situation of Catubig residents in Northern Samar. It pointed out the irony in its name (water in Filipino is called tubig)—the households of this third class municipality have no access to safe water. According to GMA, many of its residents also get sick because of waterborne diseases.

The report revealed the failure of government agencies to address the water situation problems not only in Catubig, but also in the entire country. Some of the issues raised were inadequate water system infrastructure and poor service delivery.

The report found that it is the civil society sector which has been addressing these government shortcomings through projects that help poor communities establish their own water systems.

However, the report did cite some policy changes—initiated by President Benigno Aquino III and the House of Representatives—that aim to provide solutions.

(“Special Report: Walang malinis na tubig sa bayan ng Catubig”, GMA News TV and GMA-7; “No water in Northern Samar town named after water” and “Safe water is a human right, but costly in waterless town in Northern Samar”)