All about Hagedorn

JEERS TO The Philippine Star for a “personality” piece on Puerto Princesa City Mayor Edward Hagedorn, who is running for senator in the May 2013 elections.

The front-page article “Tougher laws vs heinous crimes, media killings vowed” was about 1000 words long—and contained mostly quotes from the mayor. (Nov. 11)

Hagedorn enumerated his plans if and when he becomes a senator: “enact a law with a stiffer penalty against those who failed to implement the laws; strengthen the environmental laws of the country; laws needed by the LGUs (local government unit) so that they could be more effective in the delivery of basic services; push for the passage of the Freedom of Information Bill (FOI), a more stringent and encompassing Anti-Money Laundering Act, a more decisive Reproductive Rights Law, and a progressive Sin Tax Reform Law that treats all ‘sins’ equally and uniformly.”

He discussed the killing of journalist and environmentalist Gerry Ortega and shared his insights into why law enforcement agencies have yet to arrest alleged masterminds former Palawan Gov. Joel Reyes and his brother Mario.

But the article failed to note that Hagedorn has also been implicated in the killing of another journalist—Fernando “Dong” Batul.  CMFR found that “Hagedorn, who has been the subject of Batul’s criticisms, was suspected as being the brains behind the killing. Hagedorn however immediately denied involvement in the murder and even offered a P2-million bounty to anyone who can give information on the killers before Golifardo’s arrest. Hagedorn filed several libel cases against Batul when the radio announcer was still with dySP.”