Elephants in the room

Government keeps mum and media do not ask

AS OF May 18, only 786,528 individuals or 1.36 percent of the population have been fully vaccinated. This is not a promising figure, taking into account the government’s self-impose bed target of 70 million by end of 2021.

What exactly is holding back the vaccine program in the country? CMFR lists questions that the media should ask so the news can help the public understand what is lacking in government’s approach to vaccination.

President Duterte himself had said only the vaccines will stop the pandemic. And yet there has been little urgency reflected in the administration of the program.  Government has been more concerned about its propaganda to show its vaccine program as doing well compared to other countries. 

Government has lagged behind other responses to the pandemic. The same lapses caused the slow distribution of subsidies, among other failed measures. Journalists may need to learn more about management systems and report with this context to call attention to the lapses that cause waste of time and resources.