Court grants more bail petitions

Posted by ampatuan | Posted in Case Updates | Posted on 30-10-2014


CMFR/Philippines – Two weeks after granting bail to 16 police officers accused in the Ampatuan (Maguindanao) Massacre Trial, Branch 221 of the Quezon City Regional Trial Court granted on 27 October 2014 the bail petitions of 25 more accused police officers, finding that the evidence of guilt against the 25 is “not strong.”

The court set bail at PHP 200,000.00 (approximately USD 4,500.00) for each count of murder filed against the accused, or a total of PHP 11.6-million (approximately USD 260,000.00) for each of the 25. Under Philippine Rules on Criminal Procedure, any person accused of committing a crime punishable by reclusion perpetua (life imprisonment) such as murder may be granted bail if the prosecution fails to show strong evidence of guilt.

The 25 accused who have been granted bail are:

  1. SPO1 Ali Solano
  2. SPO2 Samad Maguindra
  3. PO3 Gibrael Alano
  4. PO3 Felix Daquilos
  5. PO2 Kendatu Rakim
  6. PO2 Datu Jerry Utto
  7. PO1 Marsman Nilong
  8. PO1 Abdulmanan Saavedra
  9. PO1 Jimmy Kadtong
  10. PO1 Abdulbayan Mundas
  11. PO1 Badjun Panegas
  12. PO1 Abdurahman Batarasa
  13. PO1 Marjul Julkadi
  14. SPO2 George Labayan
  15. SPO1 Alimola Guianaton
  16. SPO1 Elizer Rendaje
  17. PO3 Ricky Balanueco
  18. PO2 Rexson Guiama
  19. PO1 Bensidick Alfonso
  20. PO1 Pendatun Dima
  21. PO1 Ebara Bebot
  22. PO1 Amir Solaiman
  23. PO1 Tamano Sahibal Hadi
  24. PO1 Michael Macarongon
  25. PO1 Mahamad Balading

The police officers were members of the 1507th Provincial Mobile Group (PMG), which erected the checkpoints that allegedly blocked the massacre victims’ convoy that was on its way to Shariff Aguak town.

Two weeks ago, on 13 October 2014, the Court granted the bail petitions of 16 other police officers accused who were members of the 1508th PMG. Bail was also set at a total of PHP11.6-million for the 16. None of them have posted bail to date.

On 23 November 2009, 58 men and women, 32 of whom were journalists and media workers, were killed in a single incident of election-related violence in Ampatuan town, Maguindanao province.

The trial of the suspected massacre masterminds and killers started in January 2010. A hundred and ninety-six (196) individuals, including police officers, militiamen and members of the Ampatuan family, a powerful political clan in Maguindanao, stand accused of planning and carrying out the massacre.

To date, 112 of the accused have been arrested and detained. At least 70 have filed petitions for bail.