49 more suspects charged in Ampatuan Massacre

Posted by ampatuan | Posted in Case Updates | Posted on 14-01-2015

CMFR/PHILIPPINES – FORTY-NINE more individuals including local government officials and police officers were charged before the provincial prosecutor of Maguindanao last January 7, 2015 for the planning, execution and cover-up of the 23 November 2009 murder of 52 men and women including 32 journalists and media workers.

Named in the complaint-affidavits were:

  1. Cotabato City Administrator and lawyer Cynthia Sayadi
  2. Rajah Buayan mayor Yacob “Datu Jack” Lumenda Ampatuan
  3. Suharto “Manguten/Teng” Singh
  4. Police Insp. Mariga of the 1506th MAGPO
  5. former Datu Piang Mayor Samer “Mama” Uy
  6. Samsudin Ampatuan
  7. former Talayan town mayor Kage Ali Midtimbang
  8. Kage Melo Lumenda
  9. Farid Adas
  10. former Datu Saudi town mayor Nanun Ampatuan
  11. Mamasapano Mayor Benzar Ampatuan
  12. Pandag Ampatuan (who ran under Lakas in 2013 local elections)
  13. Amerah Ampatuan Mamalapat
  14. Rebecca Ampatuan Ampatuan
  15. Datu Unsay town mayor Reshal Santiago Ampatuan
  16. Shariff Aguak town mayor  Zahara Upam Ampatuan
  17. Dali “Kumander Boy” Kamendan
  18. Kempar “Kumander Kempar” Silongang
  19. Alim “Kumander Alim” Satol
  20. Kamsa “Kudta” Salik
  21. Rowel Santiago
  22. Daud “Kumander Kwatro” Kamendan
  23. Digo Mamalapat
  24. Monir Asim Sr.
  25. Kuka Ebos
  26. Mautin Upam
  27. Tamano “Barakuda” Sabpa
  28. Borgo “Rey” Kasan
  29. Salahudin “Tho” Uday
  30. Hashim “Mistro” Esmael
  31. Joel Tatak
  32. Rene Upam
  33. Kaking Inggo
  34. Allandatu Angas
  35. Roger Mamalo
  36. former Maguindanao board member Jainodin “Zainodin” Abutazil
  37. Manak Malaguial
  38. Kabili Sumagkang
  39. Ben Carandang
  40. Kage Sabog
  41. Abusama Simpal
  42. Kamad Ampatuan
  43. Kudzbari Ampatuan
  44. Kumander Ukay Simpal
  45. Faizal Ampatuan
  46. Sangutin Musa
  47. Moning Ampatuan Asim
  48. Harris Ampatuan Macapendeg

A certain “Biton” from the Philippine National Police was also charged as he was mentioned by witness Rasul Sangki as being present when Andal “Unsay” Ampatuan Jr. discussed the blocking of the convoy of the relatives and lawyers of Ampatuan family rival Esmael “Toto” Magundadatu and 32 journalists and media workers.

The charges were based on the testimonies of witnesses presented in the trial of the 197 accused before the Quezon City court. If the prosecutor finds probable cause to file cases against the 49, it will bring the number of accused in the multiple murder case to 246.