November 23 massacre update: Bail hearing for Maguindanao massacre reset

CMFR/PHILIPPINES – To enable the court to consolidate the murder charges against 196 other people with the ongoing murder case against prime suspect Andal “Unsay” Ampatuan Jr., the prosecution and defense panels agreed to reset the hearing on Ampatuan’s petition for bail to 24 February 2010.

The hearings scheduled for February 10 and 17 were suspended after Ampatuan lawyer Sigfrid Fortun made the necessary manifestations in open court before presiding judge Jocelyn Solis-Reyes.  Before that, Fortun had requested a sidebar.

A sidebar is an off-the-record conference with the presiding judge and the counsels of both parties, in this case, the prosecution and defense.

Members of the Ampatuan clan detained in different parts of southern Philippines like Davao City and General Santos City on rebellion charges are among those included in the Informations filed yesterday in Branch 221 of the Quezon City Regional Trial Court (RTC) by the Department of Justice special panel of prosecutors.

Some members of the Ampatuan clan who are so charged are candidates for government office this coming May 2010 elections.

Judge Solis-Reyes of Quezon City RTC Branch 221 gave both parties 10 days from receipt of respective motions, comments and replies to file their comment and/or opposition, reply or rejoinder as the case may be.

The pending motions include the prosecution’s motion to cite in contempt Philip Pantojan, one of the legal counsels of the Ampatuan clan. Pantojan presented an affidavit of recantation of policeman Anwar Masukat in an attempt to discredit prosecution witness Rasul Sangki, which according to said motion impedes, obstructs and degrades the administration of justice. Sangki was the second prosecution witness to testify in the bail proceedings.

The defense has also filed four motions for a show-cause order against the prosecution, claiming that the media appearances of and interviews given by certain prosecutors and witnesses violate the sub-judice rule.

The sub-judice rule refers to the prohibition to comment on an on-going case if such comment tends to influence the Court handling said case.

A motion for recusation filed by the defense asked judge Solis-Reyes to inhibit herself from the case for alleged bias and “committing serious misconduct in disregarding simple evidentiary rules.”  The prosecution said it will oppose the motion.

The 196 persons charged with Ampatuan Jr. are:

1.                  Datu Andal Ampatuan, Sr.;

2.                  Datu Zaldy “Puti” U. Ampatuan;

3.                  Datu Akmad “Tato” Ampatuan, Sr.;

4.                  Datu Jimmy Ampatuan;

5.                  Datu Kanor Ampatuan;

6.                  Datu Bahnarin A. Ampatuan;

7.                  Datu Mama Ampatuan;

8.                  Datu Sajid Islam U. Ampatuan;

9.                  Datu Anwar Ampatuan;

10.              Datu Saudi Ampatuan, Jr.;

11.              Datu Ulo Ampatuan;

12.              Datu Ipi Ampatuan;

13.              Datu Harris Ampatuan;

14.              Datu Moning Ampatuan;

15.              Mogira Hadji Anggulat;

16.              Parido Zangkala Gogo;

17.              Jun Pendatun;

18.              Kagi Faizal;

19.              Vice-Mayor Zukarno/Sukarno Badal;

20.              P/Chief Insp. Zukarno/Sukarno A. Dicay;

21.              P/Insp. Rex Ariel T. Diongon;

22.              P/Insp. Michael Joy Macaraeg;

23.              P/Senior Insp. Abdulgapor Abad;

24.              P/Insp. Saudi M. Mokamad/Mukamad;

25.              P/Supt Abusama Munda Maguid;

26.              P/Supt Bahnarin Kamaong;

27.              P/Supt. Abdulwahid U. Pedtucasan;

28.              SPO2 George S. Labayan;

29.              SPO2 Oscar Donato;

30.              SPO2 Badawi P. Bakal;

31.              SPO1 Eduardo H. Ong;

32.              SPO1 Samad Usman Maguindara;

33.              SPO1 Elizer S. Rendaji;

34.              SPO1 Alimola L. Guianon;

35.              SPO1 Ali Mluk Solano;

36.              PO3 Gibrael R. Alano;

37.              PO3 Felix Ababao Daquilos;

38.              PO3 Rasid Anton;

39.              PO3 Felix E. Enate, Jr.;

40.              PO3 Abibudin Abdulgani;

41.              PO3 Ricky D. Balanueco;

42.              PO2 Hamad Nana;

43.              PO2 Kendatu S. Rakim;

44.              PO2 Hernanie S. Decipulo, Jr.;

45.              PO2 Tany Dalgan;

46.              PO2 Saudiar Ulah;

47.              PO2 Saudi Pasutan;

48.              PO2 Rexson D. Guiama;

49.              PO1 Herich Amaba;

50.              PO1 Amir Solaiman;

51.              PO1 Michael Madsig;

52.              PO1 Badjun Ibad Panegas;

53.              PO1 Bensedick T. Alfonso;

54.              PO1 Sandy D. Sabang;

55.              PO1 Johann M. Draper;

56.              PO1 Ysmael Baraquir;

57.              PO1 Mohammad K. Balading;

58.              PO1 Datu Jerry M. Utto;

59.              PO1 Abdula Baguadatu;

60.              PO1 Abbey Guiadem;

61.              PO1 Tamano Sahibal;

62.              PO1 Abdulbayan U. Mundas;

63.              Ebad Musa;

64.              Cader Datunot;

65.              PO1 Pia Kamidon;

66.              PO1 Espilieto G. Lejarso;

67.              PO1 Esmael Manuel Guialal;

68.              Dukoy Badal;

69.              Alfie Pagabangan;

70.              PO1 Jimmy Kadtong;

71.              PO1 Marjul T. Julkadi;

72.              PO1 Abdurahman S. Batarasa;

73.              PO1 Abdulanan L. Saavedra;

74.              PO1 Marsman E. Nilong;

75.              PO1 Warden Legawan;

76.              PO1 Narkouk D. Mascud;

77.              PO1 Jonathan Engid;

78.              PO1 Datu Nor Kadir;

79.              PO1 Joharto Kamindan;

80.              PO1 Arnulfo Soriano;

81.              PO1 Anwar Masukat;

82.              PO1 Rainer T. Ebus;

83.              PO1 Ebara G. Bebot;

84.              PO1 Pendatun A. Dima;

85.              PO1 Michael M. Macarongon;

86.              Sgt. Abdullah Karim Falcon;

87.              Sgt. Banzar Maulana;

88.              Sgt. Abdul Sokor Abdullah;

89.              Sgt. Alnor Ampatuan;

90.              Datu Norodin “Nords” Datumanong Ampatuan;

91.              Hamid Delayudin;

92.              Datu Dainga Ampatuan;

93.              Rodel U. Ampatuan;

94.              Manny A. Ampatuan;

95.              Misuari S. Ampatuan;

96.              Kertz B. Ampatuan;

97.              Tony Kenis Ampatuan;

98.              Jonathan S. Ampatuan;

99.              Intan B. Ampatuan;

100.          Mohades A. Ampatuan;

101.          Kagi Amar Ampatuan;

102.          Mohamad D. Ampatuan;

103.          Rek Tony T. Dek;

104.          Abas G. Anongan;

105.          Muhamad Sangki;

106.          Datutuhon M. Esmael;

107.          Alex U. Zaipon;

108.          Moactar T. Daud;

109.          Dhods A. Kamong;

110.          Alimudin S. Sanguyod;

111.          Fahad N. Utto;

112.          Surin K. Mentang;

113.          Haron K. Arob;

114.          Samsudin M. Daud;

115.          Theng P. Sali;

116.          Toktok K. Guiabal;

117.          Batuta G. Zailon;

118.          Macton A. Bilungan;

119.          Naser S. Esmael;

120.          Abedin Alamada;

121.          Maot M. Bangkulat;

122.          Bong S. Andal;

123.          Mando M. Balangan;

124.          Rene Guiapal;

125.          Latip Gani;

126.          Alex Kadil;

127.          Kamper Silongan;

128.          Sukor S. Kamsa;

129.          Edres G. Kasan;

130.          Akad B. Macaton;

131.          Maot M. Dumla;

132.          Naser Talib;

133.          Sanggutin Musa;

134.          Rolex Kusen;

135.          Buto Umal;

136.          Surin Kayukay;

137.          Batuti K. Bara;

138.          Bassir L. Abdulmaguid;

139.          Gambayan M. Kasim;

140.          Mamugkat R. Camsa;

141.          Taya M. Bangkulat;

142.          Zamora G. Sambulawan;

143.          Salik S. Bangkulat;

144.          Tokan A. Pamsag;

145.          Abdul Maula E. Uday;

146.          Maguid S. Alba;

147.          Tho A. Amino;

148.          Tumi Timba Abas;

149.          Mads P. Utto;

150.          Abedin E. Kenny;

151.          Gie S. Takilid;

152.          Malaguial S. Tanuri;

153.          Zacaria P. Akil;

154.          Andami M. Singkala;

155.          Nasrudin S. Guiamadil;

156.          Denga O. Mentol;

157.          Toy K. Datumanong;

158.          Samaon M. Andatuan;

159.          Kudza Masukat Uguia;

160.          Salipad M. Tampogao;

161.          Talembo “Tammy” Masukat;

162.          Ben A. Mendog;

163.          Sahid A. Guiamadil;

164.          Kominie K. Inggo;

165.          Esiam Mantawil;

166.          Mama Habib;

167.          Mohamad K. Macauyag;

168.          Rusty U. Daud;

169.          Kasim T. Lingkong;

170.          Abusama B. Guiapal;

171.          Rakim M. Amil;

172.          Datunot G. Ayob;

173.          Norman M. Taktak;

174.          Butukan S. Malang;

175.          Sonny K. Pindi;

176.          Kasim K. Dalending;

177.          Edris Tekay Nanding;

178.          Abdulkarim L. Manalasan;

179.          Maguid Amil Datun;

180.          Thong E. Guimano;

181.          Tino T. Sanday;

182.          Armando O. Ambalgan;

183.          Nasser M. Malaguia;

184.          Ebrahim M. Abon;

185.          Muktar Santo Kindu;

186.          Andro K. Awil;

187.          Upam S. Saudi;

188.          Samsudin R. Kamilon;

189.          Marco G. Enged;

190.          Dexson A. Saptula;

191.          Norhato M. Kamino;

192.          Mohamad T. Datumanong;

193.          Nasser I. Guia;

194.          Nasser Adam;

195.          Takpan Dilon; and

196.          Esmael Canapia.

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