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  • ‘No’ To The Dark Days

    Posted by: CMFR Staff | Posted on: March 30, 2006 | Filed under: Journalism Review, Press Freedom

    After PP 1017, journalists take battle to court ‘No’ To The Dark Days By Hector Bryant L. Macale and Nathan J. Lee PRESIDENTIAL PROCLAMATION 1017 may have already been...

  • Crisis: National

    Posted by: CMFR Staff | Posted on: | Filed under: Journalism Review

    Court dismisses case against Binoya murder suspects In an unfortunate turn of events, a local court dismissed recently the murder charge filed against the alleged brain behind the June...

  • PCIJ under new attack

    Posted by: CMFR Staff | Posted on: March 29, 2006 | Filed under: Uncategorized

    The Philippine Center for Investigative Journalism (PCIJ) received yet another suit from a controversial audio technician, who this time, filed five counts of libel against them last 27 March...

  • Radio station ordered closed for maligning local official

    Posted by: CMFR Staff | Posted on: August 4, 2005 | Filed under: Attacks and threats against the media, Press Freedom

    A mayor in a southern Philippine city ordered the closure of a local radio station, which had been criticizing him on-air. Mayor Jose Galario Jr. of Valencia City, Bukidnon,...

  • Whitewashing the Esperat case

    Posted by: CMFR Staff | Posted on: July 19, 2005 | Filed under: FFFJ, Journalist killings, Statements

    Is the Department of Justice (DOJ) aiding and abetting the guilty? The DOJ endorsed the dismissal of the case against the suspected masterminds in the 24 March 2005 slay...