Mideo Cruz

  • In a pig’s eye

    CARTOONS HAVE been part of Philippine newspapers since the late Spanish era. They flourished in the reformist press during the propaganda and revolutionary period, and gained greater popularity during... Read more

  • CommentaryIn defense of free expression

    THE TEMPEST over artist Mideo Cruz’ art installation underscored one of the ironies of Philippine society. There are no laws explicitly partial to religious groups, but journalists, artists,... Read more

  • Broadcast media fomented the “Poleteismo” controversy

    THE BROUHAHA over visual artist Mideo Cruz’ “Poleteismo”(Polytheism) was the result of deliberate sensationalism by ABS-CBN 2’s “investigative” program XXX. By focusing on Cruz’ art installation (especially on its most... Read more

  • Lynch Mobs and Rabble Rousers

    As the often colorful language of Filipino journalists would put it, the “XXX” episode was an “SS” story, “SS” being shorthand for masturbation. Read more