Vergel O. Santos

Vergel O. Santos has been a journalist for 40 years. He has edited two newspapers – The Manila Times and The Manila Chronicle – and some magazines. He is now the publisher and editorial-board chairman of BusinessWorld, a weekday newspaper, and a trustee of the Center for Media Freedom and Responsibility, a watchdog foundation. He has published six books:

Newswriting Formula (1989), self-published, now a university text;

How to edit a community newspaper (1991), commissioned and published by the Press Foundation of Asia;

Basic Journalism, an Asean handbook (1995), commissioned and published by the Committee on Culture and Information of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations;

Wrestling Press Ethics (1994), a collection of essays on the media, published by the Philippine Press Institute;

Worse than free (2005), a second similar collection, published by Anvil; and

Chino and his time (2010), a biography of the newspaper publisher and patriot Joaquin P. Roces, also published by Anvil.

He has also published papers on media – and other (mostly sociopolitical and historical) – subjects and lectures on them.


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