Luis V. Teodoro

Luis V. Teodoro is a journalism professor at the University of the Philippines (UP) College of Mass Communication, where he was dean for two terms (1994-2000).

He was a member of the Commission on Higher Education’s (CHED) Technical Panel on Communication and the Social Sciences and chair of the CHED Technical Committee on Journalism Education.

Now serving as CMFR deputy director, he is also  editor of CMFR’s bimonthly media-monitoring magazine PJR Reports. and of the Philippine Journalism Review,  a refereed journal for academics and senior journalists. He also sits as member of the CMFR board.

He wrote columns for several broadsheets including BusinessMirror, Manila Standard Today, Today, and The Manila Times. He was also a columnist for the National Midweek magazine and the news website He now writes a column for BusinessWorld, a major business daily.

A noted author and media critic, he has  written and edited books on mass media, among them: Mass Media Laws and Regulations in the Philippines (1998), which he co-wrote with Rosalinda Kabatay and Community Communication: An Introduction (1997); and CMFR publications such as Media in Court (1997), Limited Protection: Press Freedom and Philippine Law (2006), The CMFR Ethics Manual: A Values Approach to News Media Ethics (2007), and Philippine Press Freedom Primer (2007).

He has been a resource speaker on media ethics, problems of the Philippine press, journalism education, and other media issues for various seminars and conferences in the Philippines and abroad.

NOTE: Retiring from the editorship of PJRR, Prof. Luis Teodoro remains a member of the CMFR Board and will continue to share his opinion in CMFR blog In Medias Res.