Daniel Hernandez

Daniel J. Hernandez was found dead on the backseat of a stolen taxicab in Barangay Sauyo, Novaliches, Quezon City on June 3, 1997. He had been shot at least twice by a gunman while the other perpetrators were holding him down.

Known as a journalist who exposed illegal drug trafficking and other forms of criminality, Hernandez often received death threats through his pager and office telephone. A black Barong Tagalog was sent to him a month before his murder with a note suggesting he wear it to his funeral.

A number of complications has ensured that the case remain unsolved. As Hernandez’s colleagues and friends once wrote:

They tailed him. They trapped him. They put a bullet in his head. They took our friend Danny away from us… They remained unnamed. They remained unpunished. And we may wake up one day finding one of us gone, snatched by them just like Danny. Justice has failed us. And so has society. But we shall not let memory do the same…To paraphrase Milan Kundera: ‘The struggle of man against evil is the struggle of memory against forgetting’.

More information on the killing of journalists and media workers can be found on the CMFR interactive map (http://www.cmfr-phil.org/journalistkilled).

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