Profiles of cases of killing of journalists

Bloggers and journalists can find in this section profiles of 10 cases of killing of journalists and media workers that you may want to highlight on the November 21 Blog Against Impunity Day.

Highlights of the cases

Dionisio Joaquin, 1987
• One of the first cases that ended in conviction, but decision was questioned by accused up to SC level
• SC affirmed conviction in 1997

Nesino Toling, 1991
• Alleged gunman was convicted, while other accused remains at large.
• Case was heard in less than a year, but family believes convicted gunman was merely a fall guy
• Accused gunman also questioned conviction up to SC

Daniel Hernandez, 1997
• One of the few cases of killing of journalists in Metro Manila
• Case remains unsolved

Roland Ureta, 2001
• Revived in 2007 (together with the case of broadcaster Herson Hinolan) after case was transferred to Cebu City
• Ureta case is just one of the cases of killing of journalists transferred to other trial venues

Edgar Damalerio, 2002
• Ended with conviction of gunman (a police officer)
• The killing of Damalerio jumpstarted the creation of the Freedom Fund for Filipino Journalists Inc.

Roger Mariano, 2004
• Gunman (a police officer) and accomplice were acquitted in 2010

Marlene Esperat, 2005
• Arrest of suspected masterminds (officials of the local branch of the Department of Agriculture in Region XII) on hold as they continue to question the case filed against them in 2008

Dennis Cuesta, 2008
• Case was archived by the court as the alleged gunman (a police officer who is the cousin of a local politician) remains at large

Ampatuan Massacre, 2009
• Thirty-two journalists and media workers were killed in Ampatuan town , Maguindanao Massacre.
• Considered the most brutal attack on the press and democracy in the Philippines
• Almost two years after the case was filed in court, RTC Branch 221 is still hearing bail petitions filed by some of the 196 accused persons

Gerardo Ortega, 2011
• Another case where the alleged masterminds—former provincial governors—were named by witnesses and suspects but were dropped from the case.
• One of the six work-related cases under President Benigno Aquino III’s government

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